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What is AVDAR™ ?

AVDAR™ provides the only independently developed, web-based framework that delivers a cost effective and practical solution for companies to handle and maintain their IT Governance obligations.

Taking a risk based approach, AVDAR™ delivers a complete Information Security Management System (ISMS) capable of being independently certified as complying with BS7799 and ISO17899.

Designed along the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ (PDCA) model, it can be managed collectively or in functional units and ‘personalised ’ with your company branding.

The AVDAR™ objectives

to scope a client project via a ‘gap’ analysis between a client’s original status at the outset of the project and what has to be addressed/implemented to achieve accreditation

to produce the roadmap to achieve implementation

to produce the roadmap to achieve accreditation

to categorise actual and potential vulnerabilities and monitor their ongoing status/resolution

to link assets to processes

to produce a ‘picture’ of assets linked to relevant LRCC i.e. Legal, Regulatory and Codes of Conduct instruction (and applicable Security Level)

to identify assets and maintain an accurate profile of them against their control risks

to generate reports in support of the above

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